You are 11 months

July 1, 2008

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.,

Ya Binti,

As Ummi was beginning to write this post, you just turned 11 months old (according to Gregorian calendar). Alhamdulillah, in another month’s time, you will be 1.

Following are what you have achieved for the past month –

Physical Development

1. Taking 1-2 steps hands-off to walk

2. Despite not able to have your legs reach while sitting on the toy aeroplane, you are able to cruise around with one leg. We will upload a movie taken to Youtube to proof this.

3. Teething on almost all surfaces and equipments.

4. Bouncing (in sitting position) on the trampoline.

5. Throwing things from the cot, high chair, and while playing. Basically “mengemas”.

6. Withstanding sleepiness, able to extend to 8 hours wake up duration.

Social-Emotional Development

1. Crying when Akhi cries. This is a sign of attachment towards Akhi.

2. Refusing Abi when you needed milk.

3. Enjoying playing along with Akhi. Laughs and responses between both.

4. Crying when left alone. Sense of fear is developing in you.

5. Responding to tune of music, body swaying.

Cognitive/Intellectual Development

1. Following a 1-step instruction. e.g. “Kiss Akhi Mukhtaar”, “Zainah come”, “No”.

2. Pressing a button from the toy aeroplane for certain effect. e.g. propeller spinning.

3. Crossing over the tables to get to the play area in the brown room.

4. Relating vocabulary to simple acts and familiar objects.



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