When you were 9 months

October 12, 2008

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.,

Ya Bunayy,

Alhamdulillah, when you were 9 months…

Physical Development

-sat up firmly

-stood and let go of hand while standing

-cruised around holding on surfaces

-knees lifted up while creeping, progressing from 6s to 4s.

-went down from a higher plane

Social/Emotional Development

-manja girl, slept on Ummi’s chest

-enjoyed sing-along sessions especially Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar

-baby talked like gaga, baba, awa

Intellectual/Cognitive Development

-understood simple instructions like go down


When you were 6 months…

October 12, 2008

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.,

Ya Bunayya,

On 22 January, you turned 6 months, weighing about 7.2kg(as taken from the weiging scale of Tampines Polyclinic during your immunisation appointment). There are some areas in which you have grown.

Physical Development

-reaches out for things

-begin solid foods like yolk, watermelon and honeydew (just the juice). Able to take in little pieces of fish flesh

-drinks from sippy cup

-sits after crawling (by the practice of pushups and shakings of bums)

Social/Emotional Development

-stranger anxiety

In addition, 10 days before 7 month old, you encountered a new experience of fever, cough and runny nose. On one occasion, Ummi fed you banana and then you began crying. Ummi left you crying until you vomitted. Ummi forgotten that after food, there should not be any vigorous activity or crying event – most likely to lead to vomit. Bummer…