You Turned 18 Months!

January 30, 2009

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.,

Ya Binti,

You have turned 18 months last week weighing nearly 10kg. You have past the infant stage and now you are a Toddler! How time flies…

At this age, you are able to

–  name the items that you see around you

– show the directions of familiar locations e.g. home from the lift, Akhi’s school, etc.

– eat with us, despite having your own meals fed by Ummi.

– bring the spoon to your mouth (self-feed) others than your porridge

– drink water from a cup

– walk and run fast

– continue walking despite Ummi thought you will be tired

– remove your footwear upon reaching home

– hold the pencil like an adult (Boys and girls having vast difference in their development)

– gets frustrated when things cannot be done (needs to learn to be patience)

– be happy when both Akhi and you having quality time and when Akhi shows his love and brotherhood towards you

– upset when you can’t get things that you want and when they are taken away from you

In addition, you are now having 7 teeth already.


Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

Ya Bunayya!

At 1.37am on Tuesday, 22nd July 2008(Gregorian calendar), you turned one year old.

Allah selamatkan kamu (2X)

Allah selamatkan bintmahathir

Allah selamatkan kamu.

Until this day, Ummi and Abi have seen you developed so much, so much that the utmost development of yours is that you are able to walk so much now since the cruising time at 9 months. More to write about your development in the next posts.

Anyway, May Allah create you to be an ‘aalim and solehah girl with good virtues and akhlaq, whom ta’at to Allah and Rasul and also Ummi and Abi. Ameen.